Welcome to Nabygelegen, where we invite you to embark on an extraordinary wine journey led by our exceptional team.

Meet the passionate individuals who make our winemaking and accommodation experiences truly remarkable:

Jacques Erasmus

Winemaker / General Manager

Jacques is a family-oriented individual who values relaxation through fishing and indulges in his love for fine food and wine. As a dedicated leader, he has been a driving force at Nabygelegen since 2022, working tirelessly to expand the vineyard and foster community connections.

Oom Japie

Vineyard Sage

Oom Japie, a repository of knowledge about every water pipe and vine on Nabygelegen, played a crucial role in planting the vineyards as they stand today. In his younger days, he even strummed his guitar as part of the Black Swallow band. Oom Japie’s storytelling and laughter resonate throughout the farm, and his wisdom is invaluable. With an impressive 53 years of service at Nabygelegen, he continues to contribute to its success.


Cellar Assistant

Maria is a true daughter of Nabygelegen, deeply connected to the land where she was born and raised. Her close collaboration with winemaker Jacques in the cellar highlights her unwavering passion for winemaking. Maria’s helpful and friendly nature adds to the warmth of our team.


Farm Manager

Tiaan is our farm’s rising star. Leading our workforce, this young man carries the legacy of his grandfather, Oom Japie, with grace and energy. Always ready with a smile, Tiaan finds solace in the tranquility of our surroundings

Renske du Preez

Accommodation Manager

Renske is our hospitality extraordinaire. Not only does she manage our charming guesthouse, but she’s also a talented ceramic artist whose creations grace our guesthouse with elegance. Renske shares Jacques’s passion for food and wine, making her an invaluable partner in creating memorable experiences. You’ll find her guiding wine tastings, offering insider tips on the best local activities, and ensuring your stay is exceptional.

Tannie Rachel

Farm Enthusiast

Tannie Rachel, at 77 years young, is the heart and soul of our farm. With a history intertwined with Nabygelegen, her cheerful presence and knack for making everyone smile are legendary. She’s a true flower enthusiast, and her garden is a work of art.

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