Meet Our Winemaker

Jacques has been a driving force at Nabygelegen since 2022, working tirelessly to grow the vineyard and nurture its community. 

Jacques Erasmus, known as “Vlam” among his friends and family, is a prominent figure in the world of wine.

With a lifelong love for winemaking that began at the tender age of ten, Jacques possesses an innate understanding of the vineyard terroir, the intricate dance of nature during grape harvesting, and the artistry of winemaking that culminates in a bottle of perfection.

His expertise extends to the delicate craft of blending wines, which has earned him numerous national and international awards. In 2014, he was celebrated as the Diners Club Winemaker of the Year.

Beyond the vineyards, Jacques is a family man who cherishes his children and finds relaxation in the serenity of fishing. He is not only an excellent entertainer but also a lover of fine food and wine. His dedicated team holds a special place in his heart, emphasizing his deep appreciation for people.

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